Lemons & Limes

Lemons and Limes by Hoach Le Dinh
Picture By:  Hoach Le Dinh

Life gave you lemons and limes.
You couldn’t smile,
You couldn’t swallow your pride,
And circumstances wouldn’t let you hide.
Then you realized the beauty
Hidden under a sour reality:
Even though life gave you lemons and limes,
Sour turned sweet with time.




In Memory

Music by Yanko Peyankov
Picture By: Yanko Peyanko

Their music a part of who we are,
We build them up on the charts
And watch as they fall far
From our hearts.
Dancing across life’s stage,
Immortal in a single moment –
They crumble under fame’s age.
And they pass, leaving only remnant.
We’ve forgotten, as we idolize,
That they are human too.
And with tears in our eyes
We remember all they do.

Through the Trees

Through The Trees...Johan Arhtursson
Picture By: Johan Arthursson

Through the trees,
The color paints time.
You see the spring,
The summer, the fall
And winter, there, dies.
Like a thousand chimes
The breeze will calmly ring
As we get lost in its lull.
A thousand miles on the road,
A million more to go.
Through the trees,
We make our journey.

American Dream

Baseball by Jon Eckert
Picture Taken by: Jon Eckert Image Courtesy: unsplash.com


Some people call it a pastime

And others call it a waste of time.

Yet, it stirs passion inside of us

Even though it can cause such a fuss.

Baseball: it gets old man to tell stories

And young kids to listen to past glories.

It is the American dream.


Coast by Ma. Alejandra G
Picture Taken By: Ma. Alejandra G. Image Courtesy: unsplash.com


From the plane: this is what you see.

I wish it could always be

Enough for me.

This vision of paradise.

The wind on the beach –

The clouds that feel within reach:

They are beauty beyond speech.

This is a vision of paradise.

But back home with family:

That’s where real paradise is.

The Call



We all wait for a call,

We wait for the right moment,

We give it our all

But sometimes it’s nothing but postponement.

The phone could never ring

Or it could ring the moment we walk away:

You can’t second guess this thing.

Or it’ll just make you grey.

Trust me:

Don’t wait for the call.

Go out while you still can.

Give it your all.

Don’t wait for someone else

To let you chase your dream:

Because it’s your dream for a reason.

Your hands are …

Your hands are holding me
Even when I don’t believe it
I’ve got to believe
I still have hope
You are my hope*

YES!  We have hope even when we might not see it.  He is our hope. 


*quote from Danny Gokey’s song – Hope in Front of Me