America by Patrick Tomasso
Picture By: Patrick Tomasso

Oxygen coloring blood red,
Pride flowing from feet to head,
Life worth every deed,
Truth worth every pledge,
Sacrifice worth every advance,
Possibilities beyond circumstance,
Rhythm to liberty’s dance,
America you are a second chance.
Flowers in the midst of rain,
Relief from tyranny’s pain,
Kindness in every vein,
Discernment keeping humanity sane,
Roses of passion in the nation’s bouquet,
Humility embodied in every way,
Justice prevailing in all people say,
America you are the light of day.

Who You Are

 Drew Hays
Picture By: Drew Hays

Why do you hide?
You say, “I’m such a mistake.”
Who told you that lie?
You just went and cried.
I asked why you were a mistake.
You named everything you didn’t possess,
So I told you being true was better than being fake.
But still you chased worldly success.
I wondered why money would fix you.
“Then I could have everything,” you reprove.
But you’re lying, your words aren’t true:
Money can’t buy you love.
I asked you if you wanted to be content.
“Yes,” you said, in awe.
So I told you how to live without regret:
Just be who you are.
Stop hiding.
Stop chasing money.
Stop lying.
Start believing.

Rough Water

Water by Das Sasha
Picture By: Das Sasha

You’re knee-deep in life.

The water rising every day.

You’re lost in a sea of doubt,

Trying to come to shore.

You’ve lived in strife

Trying to find your way,

Rough water rocks your boat

You just can’t take it anymore.

So if you’re lost,

Look down.

There in the water – you’ll see a shadow,

Follow it as it flies to shore.


Shoreline by Sarah Burvenich
Picture By: Sarah Burvenich

I have as many memories

As grains of sand on the shore.

But the salty wind blows

And then they disappear.

Footprints here, a sandcastle there –

They’re all the same to me.

Without you here,

My day is cloudy like morning fog.

I can remember, yes,

But that is not the same as feeling.

I have as many memories

As grains of sand on the shore.

But those memories,

They are not the same as reality.

Phone Line

In the Mountains by Alexandr Schwarz
Picture Taken By: Alexandr Schwarz

Millions of times, I’ve wished heaven had a phone line.

I guess, then, everything would feel fine.

‘Cause to hear your voice one more time would

Heal every wound overnight.

And even though they told me,

Every once in a while – I wonder if you’re truly free.

Longing for you has put this whole in my heart,

Just know I wish we never had to part.

All the time I wish you were still here,

‘Cause then you wouldn’t be there – I

Keep telling myself I’m alright, but

Soon I know I’ll give up the fight.

Over time, I felt this heaviness.

Now all I feel is emptiness.

A Daughter’s Voice

departure by vo minh thong
Picture Taken By: Vo Minh Thong

Father, don’t you understand?

I’ve got to leave.

My dreams call me to a different land,

I’ll be alright, just believe.

We all have to grow up, see?

You did it first, and now it’s me.

Papa, I’ll make you proud.

And your sorrow will pass like a cloud and

One day I’ll be back to you,

If only you’ll believe.

Nature’s Magic

Hillside by Silvestrie Matteo
Picture Taken By: Silvestrie Matteo

If I told you of a watercolor hillside,

And flowers by the riverside,

If I spoke to you of a tree:

Would you believe me?

Whispers of breeze,

Drops of light,

Completely at ease:

Can you believe me?

Nature’s magic

Speaks volumes of beauty.

It is inspiration at it’s finest:

Do you believe me?


There was no picture.

Just the number thirteen.

There was a ladder against the house,

And a black cat on the windowsill.


It was the end of the week.

Or was it Saturday?

The man didn’t know:

Because he had just lost with a hand full of spades.

The mirrors in his house were broken,

Probably because he had opened an umbrella in the house.

But the man wouldn’t walk into the house:

He would walk down the street, to a House of Worship.

Superstition had been his religion….

But now he had to find one that would save him.

I wrote this poem…. since today is Friday the 13th.

Your hands are …

Your hands are holding me
Even when I don’t believe it
I’ve got to believe
I still have hope
You are my hope*

YES!  We have hope even when we might not see it.  He is our hope. 


*quote from Danny Gokey’s song – Hope in Front of Me