Abandoned Nest by Luke Brugger
Picture By: Luke Brugger

Your home:
Where you learned to walk
And how to talk,
A space to call your own.
Then years passed
And something changed
Your life was rearranged.
You thought your mistakes made you an outcast.
But home is still home.
It’s not a perfect place,
But a permanent space
Where no matter what, you’ll never be alone.


Who You Are

 Drew Hays
Picture By: Drew Hays

Why do you hide?
You say, “I’m such a mistake.”
Who told you that lie?
You just went and cried.
I asked why you were a mistake.
You named everything you didn’t possess,
So I told you being true was better than being fake.
But still you chased worldly success.
I wondered why money would fix you.
“Then I could have everything,” you reprove.
But you’re lying, your words aren’t true:
Money can’t buy you love.
I asked you if you wanted to be content.
“Yes,” you said, in awe.
So I told you how to live without regret:
Just be who you are.
Stop hiding.
Stop chasing money.
Stop lying.
Start believing.

Rough Water

Water by Das Sasha
Picture By: Das Sasha

You’re knee-deep in life.

The water rising every day.

You’re lost in a sea of doubt,

Trying to come to shore.

You’ve lived in strife

Trying to find your way,

Rough water rocks your boat

You just can’t take it anymore.

So if you’re lost,

Look down.

There in the water – you’ll see a shadow,

Follow it as it flies to shore.

The Courage to Fly

The Courage to Fly by Ryan Jacques
Picture Taken By: Ryan Jacques

We can stand against the wind,

Let it carry us to the end.

Stumbling, falling, twirling

We will let everything unwind:

And find the courage to fly.

We can land in obscurity,

And have each other for surety.

Uncertainty does not matter:

We’ll find the courage to fly.

Building a Wall

Piece by Piece by Martin Wessely
Picture Taken by: Martin Wessely Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

Sometimes we forget that walls are built one brick at a time, not just overnight.  Just like we forget some things take time before they’re completed.  Wherever you’re at: be patient.  All things get built in time.



Fields of Freedom

Picture Taken By: Cornelia Buchse
Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

At the edge of the fallen stalks,

At the edge of the city,

Away from the blocks and blocks

Of nothing but gritty:

I find freedom.

Standing looking up at the sky,

Standing watching the wind in the willows,

Looking at the birds fly,

Standing, watching the clouds like pillows:

I find freedom.

You see, this freedom was bought.

Brave men, brave women, brave families

They fought

So that I could stand here with this testimony

Of how wonderful it is

To look at fields of freedom.