America by Patrick Tomasso
Picture By: Patrick Tomasso

Oxygen coloring blood red,
Pride flowing from feet to head,
Life worth every deed,
Truth worth every pledge,
Sacrifice worth every advance,
Possibilities beyond circumstance,
Rhythm to liberty’s dance,
America you are a second chance.
Flowers in the midst of rain,
Relief from tyranny’s pain,
Kindness in every vein,
Discernment keeping humanity sane,
Roses of passion in the nation’s bouquet,
Humility embodied in every way,
Justice prevailing in all people say,
America you are the light of day.

Like an Animal

Power by Paula Borowska
Picture By: Paula Borowska

It’s in your eyes.

All the reasons why

You will never be satisfied:

They cage you in like an animal.

Trapped, every day a part of you dies.

I see you and it makes me cry,

How could they keep you here?

I want you to run,

To live

But they cage you in.


The Phone by Thom Weerd
Picture By: Thom Weerd

Who are you?

And why do I listen when what you say

Isn’t even true?

Images, pictures – deception is your name, every day.

Tell me, why can’t you let me be?

I have to escape,

Put you down so I can be free.

All you are is a picture perfect place.

Everywhere, they listen to you.

Tell me, when did people go out of style?

You’re the reason I’m so blue.

Technology, I’m tired of your smile.


Dust in Wind by Forrest Cavale
Picture By: Forrest Cavale

Take me to the middle of nowhere

And let me just cry there.

It’ll be you and me,

Forever and free.

Drive to where no one will find

And where there’s nothing on our mind.

Can we take a deep breath

And watch the car run out of gas and into death?

We’ll lie under the sky

And watch time fly by.

Drive to the desert

So I can find my heart.

Be Yourself

Walking into the Sunlight by Morgan Sessions
Picture By: Morgan Sessions

I see it in your eyes: fear.

You think there is nothing to hold you here,

But you believe you will find it there.

I can tell you: all you have to do is be yourself.

You try to please others,

But your discontent always hovers.

You ask why they cloud the truth in rumors –

All you have to do is be true.

There is no one who can do

What you were meant to.

There is no one who can live your dream

The way you were meant to.

Be yourself.

Phone Line

In the Mountains by Alexandr Schwarz
Picture Taken By: Alexandr Schwarz

Millions of times, I’ve wished heaven had a phone line.

I guess, then, everything would feel fine.

‘Cause to hear your voice one more time would

Heal every wound overnight.

And even though they told me,

Every once in a while – I wonder if you’re truly free.

Longing for you has put this whole in my heart,

Just know I wish we never had to part.

All the time I wish you were still here,

‘Cause then you wouldn’t be there – I

Keep telling myself I’m alright, but

Soon I know I’ll give up the fight.

Over time, I felt this heaviness.

Now all I feel is emptiness.

A Piece of Candy

candy canes...

Sugar sweet.

As red as the blood inside,

And as white as the black of me.

All it is, is a piece of candy.

Millions of flavors

For an entire population.

You cannot pick it,

Because it will choose you.

Red as blood,

White as freedom,

Diverse as life:

All it is, is a piece of candy.


Pink Roses

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Valentine’s Day was far away.

And so was Spring.

But he brought them to me:

Pink roses.

Setting them on a table in the alley,

He held out the ring.

His words set me free:

Marry me.


The Plant

Plant After Rain by John French
Picture Taken By: John French

Wet after rain,

Like laughter in the morning.

Growing freely,

Like American rights.

Fresh soil,

Like coffee in the evening.

 Toiling relentlessly,

Like love’s pursuit.

My Best Friend

All In The Eyes by Andre Spieker
Picture Taken By: Andre Spieker Image Courtesy:

Her eyes never drift from me.

They listen to me as I talk,

Watch me as i walk.

Her smile sets me free.

I’ve messed up a million times,

Crossed the boarder

And forgotten to board her:

But she never whines.

Her eyes,

Her faithfulness,

Her wagging tail,

Are all the reasons why she’s my best friend.