Reflection by Yu-chuan Hsu
Picture By: Yu-chuan Hsu

The outside world

Sees you as a reflection.

Stamped with what you hold

They never let you forget your connections.

So stand tall,

Be everything in love,

Give life your all,

Smile when they are argumentative.

May you reflect

True things

And accept the imperfect.



Shoreline by Sarah Burvenich
Picture By: Sarah Burvenich

I have as many memories

As grains of sand on the shore.

But the salty wind blows

And then they disappear.

Footprints here, a sandcastle there –

They’re all the same to me.

Without you here,

My day is cloudy like morning fog.

I can remember, yes,

But that is not the same as feeling.

I have as many memories

As grains of sand on the shore.

But those memories,

They are not the same as reality.

For Freedom

American Pride by Christopher Skor
Picture Taken By: Christopher Skor

This is the land of the free,

Home of the brave,

A shining hill across the sea.

It is what our troops fight to save.

Our flag stands

Due to the courageous sacrifice

Of those who have fallen.

It is them we honor with our hearts,

It is their families we support,

It is with fondness we remember

The troops who lived for freedom.


Hollywood by Florian Klauer
Picture By: Florian Klauer

You changed in 1949, whatever happened to this land?

Seems you’ve come so far since ’23.

Forty five feet of advertising, you still stand.

I see you as a utopia, there on Lee.

The whole world watches you.

We see you like a light

As we look for something true,

For something right.

Your letters

Shine like a star in the night.

Some have found nothing better.

After all, you’ve helped their plight.

Hollywood you’ve stood tall,

I hope you never fall.


Gone by Todd Quackenbush
Picture Taken by: Todd Quackenbush

Your message can be one of peace,

Everything you proclaim can be love

And they’ll fault you and never cease.

So just keep on, without stepping down.

You can donate to forty charities,

Start a foundation for children,

But they’ll still label you with inequities

Yet, do not stop your mission – not for a million.

They will beat you till they’ve had their fill,

They will label you a wacko, a traitor, a bore –

Bet, I beg you, stand tall:

Because they’ll know your worth when you’re gone.

Empty View

Empty Street by Bruno Marinho
Picture Taken By: Bruno Marinho

Those electric eyes,

Are replaced by these antique walls.

Your footsteps echo in the emptiness,

The view reflects how you feel inside.

As the sun goes down

Every bone in your body hits the ground.

Despair fills every part of you.

The view reflects how you feel inside.

Everything seems to be going wrong,

You haven’t had peace in so long.

All you want is to escape.

The view reflects how you feel inside

And silently, you slip away.


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I was a hurricane when you found me.

Destroying everything in my sight,

Spinning in circles until I got too dizzy.

I was just a wreck.

But you took everything

And made it something.

I’m lost without you,

You’re everything that’s true.

Tell me how this can be,

Tell me how you could ever love me.