In Memory

Music by Yanko Peyankov
Picture By: Yanko Peyanko

Their music a part of who we are,
We build them up on the charts
And watch as they fall far
From our hearts.
Dancing across life’s stage,
Immortal in a single moment –
They crumble under fame’s age.
And they pass, leaving only remnant.
We’ve forgotten, as we idolize,
That they are human too.
And with tears in our eyes
We remember all they do.



Piano Keys by Andree Brown
Picture By: Andree Brown

Music is in his being,

The way he walks, you know it all along:

Rhythm is his air.

There’s no other to compare.

When he plays

The music fills your veins.

In your soul,

It’s like an invisible glow.

The sound of his voice,

Makes a change in your choice.

There is no dissonance

In his tone, his dance.

Because music is his being.

Phone Line

In the Mountains by Alexandr Schwarz
Picture Taken By: Alexandr Schwarz

Millions of times, I’ve wished heaven had a phone line.

I guess, then, everything would feel fine.

‘Cause to hear your voice one more time would

Heal every wound overnight.

And even though they told me,

Every once in a while – I wonder if you’re truly free.

Longing for you has put this whole in my heart,

Just know I wish we never had to part.

All the time I wish you were still here,

‘Cause then you wouldn’t be there – I

Keep telling myself I’m alright, but

Soon I know I’ll give up the fight.

Over time, I felt this heaviness.

Now all I feel is emptiness.

The Dance

Dance by Jessica Polar
Picture Taken By: Jessica Polar


Rhythm is all I need.

It gets me out of my head,

And into nothing but sound –

Because it is where inspiration is found.

With the beat I am never alone

Because the music and I are one.

Dancing is not thinking,

It is feeling.

It is translating inner emotion

Into outer presentation.

This dance of life,

Is the song in my heart.

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles
Image Courtesy:

Your words are pins and needles.

Prying me apart and trying to sew me together.

Your words are weapons,

And you use them without thinking.

Your words are hate speech,

I tell you I was born this way.

Your words tear me down:

But I love you anyway.

The Song

guitar by lucas boesche
Picture Taken By: Lucas Boesche Image Courtesy:

They’ve told me about miracles,

Told me they  couldn’t be found in lyrics.

But I beg to differ.

Songs can take you high,

They get stuck in your head before waving goodbye.

Working their magic they go from your head

To your feet and stay with you ’til bed.

Songs work in every situation,

Even in one of desperation.

Weekly Tip: Week 8: What Are You Going To Do?

Recently I’ve asked myself one question: what am I going to do with the money I make?  And I couldn’t find a good answer, a right motive.

Ask yourself the same question: what are you going to do?

Life is more than money, we shouldn’t be able to put a price tag on it.