In Memory

Music by Yanko Peyankov
Picture By: Yanko Peyanko

Their music a part of who we are,
We build them up on the charts
And watch as they fall far
From our hearts.
Dancing across life’s stage,
Immortal in a single moment –
They crumble under fame’s age.
And they pass, leaving only remnant.
We’ve forgotten, as we idolize,
That they are human too.
And with tears in our eyes
We remember all they do.


Fame: Part II

I mentioned earlier, some people: Jennifer Lawrence, Beckah Shae, Karen Kingsbury.   Their figures have changed and shaped the world in ways that I only dream to.  I admire them all for what they have done.  Every person I listed has changed and impacted my life in some way.  And I know that they have reached more people than some of us ever will.  I just pray that their light shines for a True purpose, a purpose that will never fail. 


At the beginning of the day… every person does the same thing – they get out of bed.  Yeah – I know – I put that really simply.  But it’s the truth.  We all put our feet on some form of ground.  And then we continue on.  At the start of the day every person is the same, or almost the same.  We all do that one similar act.  Granted, as the day goes on we all do different things: go to school, to work, to the football game, breakfast etc.  We might go on to film a movie (like Jennifer Lawrence) or we might go on to the studio to record the next big hit (can i say Justin Bieber…. no????  then I’ll say Beckah Shae) or maybe we go down the street to sit in a room and write (like Karen Kingsbury) or maybe we’re just the average person who does nothing worth recognition (except the recognition that we’ve made it through another day). 

But the point is – we all start out the same.  We all put our two feet on the ground, we all have the same chance of changing the world.  We all are famous but that doesn’t mean that we need recognition for being famous.  We are all beautiful and part of a Bigger plan that is sooo amazing and we just need to take joy in the small things.

So, think about it.  Do people – like Jennifer Lawrence, Justin Bieber, Beckah Shae, Karen Kingsbury who are famous – do everything they can to change the world??  Do you??  Because I can guarantee this: the homeless person you give money or help to – you become a hero to them, you become famous in their world. 

Fame as defined by Google (amidst my Google Travels) means: the condition of being known or talked about by many people, esp. on account of notable achievements.  Notable achievements: fun, fun, fun.

For those of you that don’t have a hit blockbuster movie, or a CD available in the store, or who aren’t on the New York Times (#1) Bestselling List (which I DON’T) – your achievement is being you.  Who cares if no one talks about you (because I don’t agree with that part of the definition).  So…. go out and change the world.  Fame is not being recognized, it’s reaching out and flying on the wings of your dreams.