Dust in Wind by Forrest Cavale

Picture By: Forrest Cavale

Take me to the middle of nowhere

And let me just cry there.

It’ll be you and me,

Forever and free.

Drive to where no one will find

And where there’s nothing on our mind.

Can we take a deep breath

And watch the car run out of gas and into death?

We’ll lie under the sky

And watch time fly by.

Drive to the desert

So I can find my heart.


Reflection by Yu-chuan Hsu

Picture By: Yu-chuan Hsu

The outside world

Sees you as a reflection.

Stamped with what you hold

They never let you forget your connections.

So stand tall,

Be everything in love,

Give life your all,

Smile when they are argumentative.

May you reflect

True things

And accept the imperfect.


Shoreline by Sarah Burvenich

Picture By: Sarah Burvenich

I have as many memories

As grains of sand on the shore.

But the salty wind blows

And then they disappear.

Footprints here, a sandcastle there –

They’re all the same to me.

Without you here,

My day is cloudy like morning fog.

I can remember, yes,

But that is not the same as feeling.

I have as many memories

As grains of sand on the shore.

But those memories,

They are not the same as reality.


Wind by Autumn Mott

Picture By: Autumn Mott

It was like wind,

Here one day, gone the next.

If only it could be a trick in my mind,

Then you wouldn’t be gone.

It was like summer,

Ignorance was our crime.

But you know we’ll remember

No matter the time.

It was like a clock

Ticking down to the end.

We watched in shock

As you became one with the wind.

All Along

Tower by Thomas Brault

Picture By: Thomas Brault

We built her up floor by floor –

Until she became a building,

Standing on her own, ready to walk out the door.

There was so much living.

Years ago, she was younger:

Inexperienced and growing.

He and I – we watched her in wonder.

There were so many memories.

Now she’s tall on her own,

Living strong.

We finally found she’s been grown

All along.


Empty Page by Luis Llerena

Picture By: Luis Llerena

Sometimes all I’ve got is nothing.

I see you there, too

Your page blank of writing –

Sometimes things need to be empty.

They push and pull

Saying you need to come through

But your schedule is just too full.

Sometimes things need to be postponed.

People parade on you constantly.

Run faster. Stand taller. Get better.

They push your buttons, tell you to change instantly.

Sometimes words are just big lies.

Things need to be empty,

Things need to be postponed,

Words are just big lies


Just a Ride

Ride by Siyan Ren

Picture By: Siyan Ren

It’s just a ride, you know?

Looking on from the outside,

You’re never in control.

Roller-coaster with your hands up, it’s just an adventure.

You bought the ticket and you can’t return it.

Going around in circles,

It feels devoid of miracles.

Enjoy it while it lasts,

Hold on before it stops:

It’s just the ride of life.

Until Eternity

until eternity

I promise that forever

I’ll love you and only you.

This life will be paradise

Until eternity.

My vows aren’t temporary words,

They are permanent pact.

Every day I’ll come home to you

From now until eternity.

Life can hit us with its best shot,

But we’ll never fall short.

It’s the principle of marriage:

To stand firm until eternity.

I promise that forever

I’ll love you and only you.

Be Yourself

Walking into the Sunlight by Morgan Sessions

Picture By: Morgan Sessions

I see it in your eyes: fear.

You think there is nothing to hold you here,

But you believe you will find it there.

I can tell you: all you have to do is be yourself.

You try to please others,

But your discontent always hovers.

You ask why they cloud the truth in rumors –

All you have to do is be true.

There is no one who can do

What you were meant to.

There is no one who can live your dream

The way you were meant to.

Be yourself.

For Freedom

American Pride by Christopher Skor

Picture Taken By: Christopher Skor

This is the land of the free,

Home of the brave,

A shining hill across the sea.

It is what our troops fight to save.

Our flag stands

Due to the courageous sacrifice

Of those who have fallen.

It is them we honor with our hearts,

It is their families we support,

It is with fondness we remember

The troops who lived for freedom.

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