in the forest by doug robichaud

Picture Taken By: Doug Robichaud


Bombs, grenades, knives, bullets

You never used any of those.

Looks, sneers, words, sarcasm

You have a whole fistful of them.

Degrading me to feel better about yourself,

Why can’t all of this just stop?

Please, no disrespect, but

What have I done to you?

You’re human – I’m human.

We’re brothers, sisters.

When I sit alone,

I think of these things.

How all we need is forgiveness,

And how everything could be alright.

Palm Trees in the Wind

Palms by Thomas Lefebvre

Picture Taken By: Thomas Lefebvre

I remember so much:

Memories, voices, whispers.

Yet, they blow in the wind of

Palm trees as they bend.

Longing burns inside me,

I wish the images of the past

Would disappear

Like palm leaves in winter.

Things long gone

Consume my sight,

They block my image of a future

Like palm trees against a window.

The past saddens

While the future happens

And we miss it,

Like palm trees bending in the wind.

Magically Beautiful

Magic Reflection by Alberto Restifo

Picture Taken By: Alberto Restifo


This place is our home.

Vast waters, golden peaks

Time with nature and time alone.

So why does it seem so bleak?

Earth is in our charge,

So why do we just smoke and burn

Like purity is out of range?

When will we learn?

These vast realms

Are magically beautiful,

They are everything in our dreams.

They are the definition of powerful.

So why, why do we destroy?


I Will Wait

Empty Benches by Rula Sibai

Picture Taken By: Rula Sibai

They all called me a fool

Because I love you.

They said I was like a sheep without wool:

Too mutated to understand what was true.

But with swollen eyes,

Bruised knees,

Shaking hands,

And unmet ends:

I love you.

I made a vow

And even now,

In the midst of all this

I want to be with you, I want us.

I would wait, by that old park bench,

Until the middle of autumn:

Just to talk with you

And tell you I will wait.

The King

eagle by jamie king

Picture Taken By: Jamie King

Its spirit is high above any other.

A bird of prey, a warrior of air

Fowl below is simply pauper.

This bird is king.

A life on the run,

Nest here, tomorrow up-river:

You could never catch it

This bird is king.

It flies in dignity,

Untouched by man,

Unmeasured by game:

This bird is king.


Like a Truck

Old Truck by Pawel Kadysz

Picture Taken by: Pawel Kadysz

Grandpa told me that life is a truck:

It’s new and full of energy at first,

But then it gets old, and needs work.

That it just needs a new engine at it’s worst.

He said it could take you far,

If you treated it right.

He said that to keep it up to par

You’d have to always follow the lights.

But most of all he taught me about direction.

Said that the passenger seat was for learning,

So that when he was gone, I could take his position

Until it was my turn to pass it on.

Higher Altitude

The Sky by Danny Froese

Picture Taken By: Danny Froese

Elevation is my motivation.

I seek only one thing,

What I can, to this world, bring.

Full of life, I climb to a higher altitude.

Climbing the stairs of love,

And swinging on the rope of hope:

I make it even further,

I am on my way to this new altitude.

Up to the next galaxy, I rise.

As I lose oxygen, I fall

And learn to fly.

Just a Spark

Sparks by Joshua Earle

Picture Taken By: Joshua Earle

Just an attraction -

Between you and me.

I can’t explain my reaction,

All I know is with you I’m free.

Your hand holding mine,

It fits just right.

Together we’re fine,

Together we’re alright.

They call it a spark.

They say it will grow

Until it’s a fire.

Keep Going

Hiking Boots by Amanda Sandlin

They tell you to do it for yourself.

Tell you that it doesn’t matter who sees

Or who believes.

All that matters is that you believe in yourself.

But that gets hard.

Our walking is easier on paths already trodden,

Our hearts are made to be encouraged.

We need support,

Just like a ship needs a port.

One step back and we’re off the edge,

One step back and we’re gone forever.

They tell you to do it for yourself.

But no matter what they say:

Keep going.


Your words are layers of insecurity:

Stupid.  Foolish.  Fat.  Spoiled.

Every insult buries me within myself,

Every word kills me.

Your praises are freeing me of insecurity:

Smart.  Favored.  Fabulous. Special.

Every encouraging word brings me out of myself.

Every true word saves me.

I’ll stay in these phrases forever.

Every encouragement is freeing,

Every judgment is condemning.

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