The Swan

Picture By: Matthew Wiebe

They  called you the ugly one
Because you stood apart.
Pushing until you came undone
They lied to break your heart.
People said to go with the crowd,
To fit in like a clown.
So you fell for a mundane world
And let them lead you around.
When did you forget?
They tell you you’re an ugly duckling
But, darling, your story isn’t over yet.
One day, you’ll look down and see you’re a swan.


Against the World

Walking the Dog by Matthew Wiebe
Picture Taken By: Matthew Wiebe


They were so small against the world.

A beam of light shone on them,

And a glimmer of hope whirled.

They stood through it all.

They conquered the world.

They’ve had victory after victory.

And stand taller as the times go.

No matter what, theirs is a strong history.

They were so brave:

Woman and woman’s best friend.