Daybreak by Stefanus Martanto Setyo Husodo
Picture By: Stefanus Martanto Setyo Husodo

The sky is fire.
Lit up with embers
Of yesterdays:
It is an emotion of heat.
Burning with desire,
Each night it remembers
The past, the ways
It used to feel Earth’s heartbeat.
Orange against the morning,
It touches Earth –
And for a moment they are one,
Lost in each others hue.
The sky changes without warning.
Dark with rebirth
It vanishes and is gone,
Leaving the morning blue.


The Dance

Dance by Jessica Polar
Picture Taken By: Jessica Polar


Rhythm is all I need.

It gets me out of my head,

And into nothing but sound –

Because it is where inspiration is found.

With the beat I am never alone

Because the music and I are one.

Dancing is not thinking,

It is feeling.

It is translating inner emotion

Into outer presentation.

This dance of life,

Is the song in my heart.



At the essence of my soul,

Ink and ash mark a hole.

I twirl vicious thoughts around in my mind,

And forget every promise that binds.

Remembering only sparks of light

As I go through the night

I know I am not who I was yesterday,

I feel deeper, stronger in every way.

I know this fire of emotions

Will be the death of me.