by Benedikt Hoffman
Picture By: Benedikt Hoffman

You and me, were like a carousel
Around and around.
We loved for a spell.
Until the ride was over and we hit the ground.
You told me it would be up and down
But I realize it was all a fantasy.
Like the joke of a clown,
You and I were here and gone like yesterday.






Empty Page by Luis Llerena
Picture By: Luis Llerena

Sometimes all I’ve got is nothing.

I see you there, too

Your page blank of writing –

Sometimes things need to be empty.

They push and pull

Saying you need to come through

But your schedule is just too full.

Sometimes things need to be postponed.

People parade on you constantly.

Run faster. Stand taller. Get better.

They push your buttons, tell you to change instantly.

Sometimes words are just big lies.

Things need to be empty,

Things need to be postponed,

Words are just big lies



in the forest by doug robichaud
Picture Taken By: Doug Robichaud


Bombs, grenades, knives, bullets

You never used any of those.

Looks, sneers, words, sarcasm

You have a whole fistful of them.

Degrading me to feel better about yourself,

Why can’t all of this just stop?

Please, no disrespect, but

What have I done to you?

You’re human – I’m human.

We’re brothers, sisters.

When I sit alone,

I think of these things.

How all we need is forgiveness,

And how everything could be alright.


Your words are layers of insecurity:

Stupid.  Foolish.  Fat.  Spoiled.

Every insult buries me within myself,

Every word kills me.

Your praises are freeing me of insecurity:

Smart.  Favored.  Fabulous. Special.

Every encouraging word brings me out of myself.

Every true word saves me.

I’ll stay in these phrases forever.

Every encouragement is freeing,

Every judgment is condemning.


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Your words drew on my heart,

They painted pictures of

A useful art.

They stenciled the picture of love.

With chalky fingertips you held my hand,

And promised me forever.

I followed you into foreign lands

I trusted you with my whatever.

But you are chalk:

Your words, your heart, your soul.

Permanent until the storms come

And then you wash away like

Dust in the wind.

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles
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Your words are pins and needles.

Prying me apart and trying to sew me together.

Your words are weapons,

And you use them without thinking.

Your words are hate speech,

I tell you I was born this way.

Your words tear me down:

But I love you anyway.

The Typewriter

Typewriter by S. Zolkin
Picture Taken By: S. Zolkin Image Courtesy:

The keys stuck,

And the ink was all a muck.

Grandmother had taught me well

And taught me how to spell.

Words became phrases

Which soon became cognitive sentences.

This old typewriter

Taught me to test the water.

It’s the reason why I write,

And the reason I live life.