Solace by Aaron Ang
Picture By: Aaron Ang

Cracks across my face:
Like a bone
Covered with lace,
My skin comes undone.
Rivers of time:
I’ve never been so lost.
In the current of age’s rhyme
I wonder what my wasted time cost.
The wrinkles of life cover my fingers:
Like bark on an old oak tree.
I am grateful for time, for its memories,
Because in death, it has set me free.


Like Fireworks

Firework by Luke Fenstemaker
Picture By: Luke Fenstemaker

Like fireworks in the night,
Our time was right.
It lasted like a spark
And ran out leaving only dark.
See, the sky is empty now
And I wish that somehow
We could bring it back again.
But it’d only be vain
Because like fireworks in the night
Our time was right
And lasted like a spark
Leaving only dark.

Never Stopping

Daily Rush by Anna Dziubinska
Picture Taken By: Anna Dziubinska Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

They were running.

From what – I had no clue.

Their lives seemed busier than an ant.

Always gathering, putting away, moving on.

I stood there – watching

Where they went and where they were due.

It was enough to make me go on a rant.

Why did these people never stop?!

What was so important that they could

Not make time for the “pleasantries?”


Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

The clock of my life says: tired.

My feet hit the floor and my eyes do not want to open.

You see, I just got fired.

And now… I have to make an application.  And I will start by picking up a pen.

The clock of your life says: happy.

He asked you to marry him

And you said yes.  You let the emotion carry

You on a whim.

The clock of his life says: angry.

His car broke down.

He has, frankly,

No time to stop and frown.

Whatever the clock of life reads

The hands keep on ticking.

The bad times will precede

The good.  And your life will start going.

Because with time, this too, shall pass.