Weekly Tip: Week 2: Knowing the Past

remembering the past

Weekly Tip: Know the things of the past, so that you can know how to live the future.

For some reason when I think of the past I don’t think of wars or of shocking tragedies, I think of movie stars.  I think of people like Katharine Hepburn, Clark Gable, Ginger Rogers, James Dean, Betty Grable, Lillian Gish,  Norma Shearer, Claudette Colbert, Audrey Hepburn….  You see, their faces illuminated the silver screen – people had their eyes on them.  Their movies, their lines are what people looked to.  Their faces were watched on a lazy Friday night when people wanted to enjoy themselves.  They are (some of) the faces of the past.

And why is it important to know the past of movie stars?  Because these people made the American medium of entertainment what it is today.  Their legacy was left and now it is our chance to leave ours.  We learn from them, from the Presidents, from the historians of the past – and we should never forget the things that they have taught us.

The future is as big as we make it: no matter what your dreams are, no matter what you aspire to, no matter what He calls you to: live it out.  Live it out to the fullest.


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