Precious Moments

Family by London Scout
Picture By: London Scout

Precious moments

Slip into photographs,

Where you look in amazement

And have to laugh.

Her first day at school –

When you didn’t want to let her go.

When she learned how to swim in the pool,

And you asked: why does she have to grow?

That time when she lost her first tooth,

When she danced on her daddy’s toes,

How could you forget the truth?

She’ll always be your baby girl

In precious moments

That slip into memories.


For Freedom

American Pride by Christopher Skor
Picture Taken By: Christopher Skor

This is the land of the free,

Home of the brave,

A shining hill across the sea.

It is what our troops fight to save.

Our flag stands

Due to the courageous sacrifice

Of those who have fallen.

It is them we honor with our hearts,

It is their families we support,

It is with fondness we remember

The troops who lived for freedom.

What Family Means

Dining Table by Breather
Picture By: Breather

We’ve sat around this table so long,

Seems like all I’ve done is ride along.

Can’t you see these moving screens

Have replaced what family means?

There in the kitchen

I have listened with submission.

Now I’ve had enough,

The world out there isn’t my world in here.

Catching up on the news

Just fills me with the blues.

Can’t we talk face to face?

Replace this awful pace with grace?

Can’t you see these moving screens

Have replaced what family means?

Phone Line

In the Mountains by Alexandr Schwarz
Picture Taken By: Alexandr Schwarz

Millions of times, I’ve wished heaven had a phone line.

I guess, then, everything would feel fine.

‘Cause to hear your voice one more time would

Heal every wound overnight.

And even though they told me,

Every once in a while – I wonder if you’re truly free.

Longing for you has put this whole in my heart,

Just know I wish we never had to part.

All the time I wish you were still here,

‘Cause then you wouldn’t be there – I

Keep telling myself I’m alright, but

Soon I know I’ll give up the fight.

Over time, I felt this heaviness.

Now all I feel is emptiness.

Like a Truck

Old Truck by Pawel Kadysz
Picture Taken by: Pawel Kadysz

Grandpa told me that life is a truck:

It’s new and full of energy at first,

But then it gets old, and needs work.

That it just needs a new engine at it’s worst.

He said it could take you far,

If you treated it right.

He said that to keep it up to par

You’d have to always follow the lights.

But most of all he taught me about direction.

Said that the passenger seat was for learning,

So that when he was gone, I could take his position

Until it was my turn to pass it on.

A Daughter’s Voice

departure by vo minh thong
Picture Taken By: Vo Minh Thong

Father, don’t you understand?

I’ve got to leave.

My dreams call me to a different land,

I’ll be alright, just believe.

We all have to grow up, see?

You did it first, and now it’s me.

Papa, I’ll make you proud.

And your sorrow will pass like a cloud and

One day I’ll be back to you,

If only you’ll believe.

Fateful Destiny

Fate is

Ugly and hideous.

Spinning while conspiring and desolating.

Shifting into hell then heaven and Elysium.

Amazing, insightful it’s a worthy vocation.

Beautiful and dazzling

I call it: Destiny.

*Special thanks to G.C. who gave me a prompt.