All Along

Tower by Thomas Brault
Picture By: Thomas Brault

We built her up floor by floor –

Until she became a building,

Standing on her own, ready to walk out the door.

There was so much living.

Years ago, she was younger:

Inexperienced and growing.

He and I – we watched her in wonder.

There were so many memories.

Now she’s tall on her own,

Living strong.

We finally found she’s been grown

All along.


Just a Ride

Ride by Siyan Ren
Picture By: Siyan Ren

It’s just a ride, you know?

Looking on from the outside,

You’re never in control.

Roller-coaster with your hands up, it’s just an adventure.

You bought the ticket and you can’t return it.

Going around in circles,

It feels devoid of miracles.

Enjoy it while it lasts,

Hold on before it stops:

It’s just the ride of life.

The Things I Forget

Waves by Barn Images
Picture By: Barn Images

The swell came in today,

And I remembered all the reasons why

I treasure every precious thing about these waves.

You see divine creation and how it saves

People say it’s crazy –

The way I admire the beauty in the daisy,

But can’t they see all the magic

That’s destroyed by gravel and motor traffic?

At the edge of the sand,

The wind infinitely blows past the land

You could let nature carry you away,

To that place without decompositions gray.

I smile at this beauty because

It reminds me to puase

And reflect

On all the things I forget.

What Family Means

Dining Table by Breather
Picture By: Breather

We’ve sat around this table so long,

Seems like all I’ve done is ride along.

Can’t you see these moving screens

Have replaced what family means?

There in the kitchen

I have listened with submission.

Now I’ve had enough,

The world out there isn’t my world in here.

Catching up on the news

Just fills me with the blues.

Can’t we talk face to face?

Replace this awful pace with grace?

Can’t you see these moving screens

Have replaced what family means?


Gone by Todd Quackenbush
Picture Taken by: Todd Quackenbush

Your message can be one of peace,

Everything you proclaim can be love

And they’ll fault you and never cease.

So just keep on, without stepping down.

You can donate to forty charities,

Start a foundation for children,

But they’ll still label you with inequities

Yet, do not stop your mission – not for a million.

They will beat you till they’ve had their fill,

They will label you a wacko, a traitor, a bore –

Bet, I beg you, stand tall:

Because they’ll know your worth when you’re gone.


Meant to by Caleb Ekeroth
Picture Taken By: Caleb Ekeroth

What if I told you you could fly?

Because you can.

If I said you were meant to soar –

But just never grew wings?

What if I said you are worth it?

Because you are.

If I said you are so much more –

But just never were told?

If I said you are beautiful.

Because you are.

Told you that you were something magical,

Born to amaze, meant to create:

Because you were.


All My Love

Camera by Chancema
Picture Taken By: Chancema


All my love

Is for you.

Every single heartbeat

Is meant for you.

I saw you from across the room,

That camera in your hands.

My face was captured with your flash

And now all my love

Is for you.