Shoreline by Sarah Burvenich
Picture By: Sarah Burvenich

I have as many memories

As grains of sand on the shore.

But the salty wind blows

And then they disappear.

Footprints here, a sandcastle there –

They’re all the same to me.

Without you here,

My day is cloudy like morning fog.

I can remember, yes,

But that is not the same as feeling.

I have as many memories

As grains of sand on the shore.

But those memories,

They are not the same as reality.


Don’t Be Afraid

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Picture Taken By: Daniel Ruswick

It wasn’t my business, really.

But you stood on that beach

And didn’t move an inch freely.

I swear the sand sucked you in like a leech.

Too afraid,  your feet stuck in movable cement –

You didn’t ever catch a wave.

I know how well you meant:

But you let fear take you to the grave.

Embrace it.

Follow through with your aspiration.

Let your dream catch fire and light.

Don’t be afraid of what you can’t see in the midst of hesitation.


Restless by Jan Erik
Picture Taken By: Jan Erik


It pounds in my mind,

Like waves against cliffs.

It crosses every line,

Like water at a rift.

It comes and goes,

Like the wind and the tide.

It cries and laughs,

Like snapping wind.

Love is restless.

What the Ocean Teaches Us

shore by kundan ramisetti
Picture Taken By: Kundan Ramisetti Image Courtesy:

Every wave is one of possibility.

Every wind is enough to take flight.

Every first step is into the unknown.

And every ship gets tossed –

Not just yours.

Every ocean is sometimes cold.

Every storm ends.

Every sea can be calmed.

And every message in a bottle will be read –

Even yours.