Who You Are

 Drew Hays
Picture By: Drew Hays

Why do you hide?
You say, “I’m such a mistake.”
Who told you that lie?
You just went and cried.
I asked why you were a mistake.
You named everything you didn’t possess,
So I told you being true was better than being fake.
But still you chased worldly success.
I wondered why money would fix you.
“Then I could have everything,” you reprove.
But you’re lying, your words aren’t true:
Money can’t buy you love.
I asked you if you wanted to be content.
“Yes,” you said, in awe.
So I told you how to live without regret:
Just be who you are.
Stop hiding.
Stop chasing money.
Stop lying.
Start believing.


Daily Tip: Day 23: Amazing Life

Image Courtesy: youtube.com

Daily Tip: You live an amazing life so don’t walk around sulking.

Some days you feel like dirt.  And other days you feel like the dirt that makes the flower grow… but whatever you feel, your life is amazing.

From the day you were born, until the day you read this and until the day you die: you will live an amazing life.  Life in and of itself is an opportunity that you just need to take a hold of.  Wherever you are, whatever happens: just know that you live an amazing, beautiful life.  Britt Nicole wrote a song with Dan Muckala and Jason Ingram and it describes this life perfectly.

Don’t go around with anger  in your heart and hate in your thoughts: you only get to live life once so make it count.

It’s a big world so never stop looking for the small infinite ways that your life is Amazing.


Daily Tip: Day 14: Keep On Fighting.

Image Courtesy: favim.com

Daily Tip: Never stop fighting for what you want.

I was thirteen.  Young, naive, foolish: but trying my hardest.  And this was my first novel: see I was only in eighth grade.  It was 200 single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font pages.  And it consisted of 131,514 words.  Yes!  I had tried and I thought that story would change the world… but then I realized that in fictional dialogue every person who speaks is given a separate paragraph (to eliminate confusion).  That information wrecked my happy dreams.  I would and still am continuing to write and every character has their own paragraph… but it still is not quite the same.

Rick Riordan put it this way, “Write because you want to, not because you have to.”  He said this too, “Wallpaper your room with rejection letters, if you want to.  But don’t give up.”  And so I haven’t.  I never will.  Writing (or whatever your dream is) should be done because you want to do it – not because someone makes you.

I remember a long time ago my sibling told me that I shouldn’t try to be a writer – because it was hard, burdensome, and unsatisfying.  Their main concern for me was that it would never, ever support me.  And they’re right, writing probably never will support me.  Even so, the words were so insightful.  This is what I took from them:

                      Chase your dream.  And don’t be disappointed if you don’t get trough the first time.  Keep on fighting, just know that your dream may never support you in this world.

So even if your dreams are small – there are infinite possibilities so never lose track, because success is always right around the corner.


What would you do…

Image Courtesy: pcard.org

What would you do if you knew that you could not fail:

This was something I stumbled upon – something that Beckah Shae had posted on her Facebook page (which someone reminded me resembles a Brian Tracy quote).  And it encouraged me, it begged me to ask myself: what would I do if I knew I could not fail?  I didn’t have answer.  And I still don’t.  The world has tried to put dampers on our dreams, it has put bubble-wrap around them and tried to keep them from soaring.  Yet, I am convinced, that we would do so much more if all of the “protection devices” were removed from our dreams.

If my fears permitted: I would walk a tightrope, race a thousand miles an hour, submit a manuscript to be published, go skydiving… do the dangerous things that right now I simply avoid doing because I’m afraid and I know I’ll fail.

FEAR.  It’s the one thing that holds us back.  We need to break away from it.  We need to know that we will not fail, that we should not fear: that we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.  Go out on a limb: know that you can do all things.

After all, it’s a big world find something and go after it because you will not fail.

Never Give Up


I LOVE this picture.  Amongst my travels (is Google travel a thing….???) I found this.  I first saw it in a lyric video of an artist that I listen to on a daily basis and then I found it myself…. the rest is history.  So, I reaized that people give up a lot – in fact people just stop trying altogether.  If we stopped every time something went wrong, every time a hardship came about: we would be no where.  Think about it:

Where would America be if hard working citizens did not commit to their jobs?  What would that local business be without late hours and a few strings that were pulled and burned??  What would a local school be without teachers who worked and worked to get students to understand?  What is a family without work?  What is a diet without endurance?  What does it mean to fail?  And what does it mean to succeed?

Failure (as defined by my handy-dandy Google travels): lack of success, the omission of expected or required action.

Success (as defined by G.T.): the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

So let me wrap it up simple: failure is never a person EVER.  No one is a failure, no one is a lack of success.  And success is never defined as crossing the finish line first, or being the thinnest, or being the prettiest, or the strongest, or the smartest: success is what you make it.  DO NOT GIVE UP.