Palm Trees in the Wind

Palms by Thomas Lefebvre
Picture Taken By: Thomas Lefebvre

I remember so much:

Memories, voices, whispers.

Yet, they blow in the wind of

Palm trees as they bend.

Longing burns inside me,

I wish the images of the past

Would disappear

Like palm leaves in winter.

Things long gone

Consume my sight,

They block my image of a future

Like palm trees against a window.

The past saddens

While the future happens

And we miss it,

Like palm trees bending in the wind.



Oranges by Brian Jimenez
Picture Taken By: Brian Jimenez

The shade below is grey,

Marked with citrus scent and emerald moss.

The breeze howls like a dove,

And the sunshine prowls from above.

I pick an orange every day

And find new pleasure in the display.

Peeling the skin back, I bite into the flesh

And smile at it’s refresh.