Just a Mess

Life has got you stressed.

Your hair is just a mess,

You woke up too late,

And have no cereal to eat.

The wrong side of the bed is an understatement,

And you can’t control your fashion statement.

Every thing is wrong,

And you’ve been confused all along.

It seems like the rain is only falling on you,

And the sky is just a dark shade of blue.

You’re just a mess,

But aren’t we all?



Restless by Jan Erik
Picture Taken By: Jan Erik


It pounds in my mind,

Like waves against cliffs.

It crosses every line,

Like water at a rift.

It comes and goes,

Like the wind and the tide.

It cries and laughs,

Like snapping wind.

Love is restless.

Daily Tip: Day 33: Coffee

Image Courtesy: thebigread.com

Daily Tip: Take a cup of coffee and one at night when you’re tired and it’ll wake you up.

I’ve recently grown to enjoy coffee and, while, I don’t drink a cup every morning or even every night: I find that coffee helps to keep me awake when I’m tired.

In this big world, you can find small ways to keep yourself awake – like drinking a cup of coffee.