Summer by Martin Kníže
Picture By: Martin Kníže

You disappear
While I’m still here.
A toss in the air,
Wind in my hair –
I feel you still:
You were happiness,
You were sunshine in every smile,
You were truth in every mile.
Front porches filled with dreams,
You hung from the moonbeams
Like birds filled their houses.
You changed our lifestyle
Told us we had a life worthwhile.
We called you
But you disappeared.

Battle of the Seasons.

Winter’s heart is made of ice,

And it melts poor Summer into a puddle.

You see – Autumn was nice,

But Winter makes everything a struggle.

Poor Spring has lost its step,

And everything is turned to white and grey.

Winter eats up warmth,

Like a predator tackles prey.

Bones inside us ache

While the seasons battle on.

Nature’s Magic

Hillside by Silvestrie Matteo
Picture Taken By: Silvestrie Matteo

If I told you of a watercolor hillside,

And flowers by the riverside,

If I spoke to you of a tree:

Would you believe me?

Whispers of breeze,

Drops of light,

Completely at ease:

Can you believe me?

Nature’s magic

Speaks volumes of beauty.

It is inspiration at it’s finest:

Do you believe me?

It’s Coming


It was coming.

Sweeping the coals of the sky sooner,

Making the sun fall earlier.

I felt it descending.

Crunching under my feet, endless rustling.

The trees shed their coats,

Eager for freedom,

Eager to sport their slender branches.

But now it’s my turn:

To hibernate in my fall coat.

To spread my wings and fly south for the autumnal winter.

Yes, it’s coming.

Pink Roses

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Valentine’s Day was far away.

And so was Spring.

But he brought them to me:

Pink roses.

Setting them on a table in the alley,

He held out the ring.

His words set me free:

Marry me.


The Truth

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Your past is dark – like a flower at midnight.

But the moon will shine.

And at the height

Of the darkness: you’ll find a lifeline.

The truth is all things come to an end.

Even good things, even hard things,

Even the old and the trend.

Yes, the truth is, your heartstrings

Will be pulled: but never torn.

Like a forest in the middle of spring,

Something beautiful will be born.

The darkness will flee when you bring

The truth.

Because the truth is: a flower at midnight

Casts a shadow.

And that shadow cannot exist without a light.


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The anthem is: let it go.

And even though I can’t see the snow

I feel cold, abandoned

And alone and deserted.

In this room,

When the loom

Of time is broken

And my heart is frozen:

I will find my destiny

Copied like snow in eternity.

Spring will come

And the ice will come undone.

Winter will pass

And spring will bring new life and green grass.


Image Courtesy: My mother…. no kidding

At first it broke through the night

And then it started a fire in my heart.

After that the warmth made everything all right

It painted a smile on my face – like art.

The butterfly landed in my yard.

Admiring my flowers and their scent.

Spring hasn’t ever been hard

Rather – a time when problems are absent.