River of Life

The River by  Samul Rohl
Picture Taken By: Samul Rohl

Water is the necessity for life,

And pain is the ingredient for strife.

The drought struck hard,

And all the grass went brown in the yard.

The time is black and white in my mind,

And my thoughts are all wind.

The river brought us all together,

And it’ll keep us close until forever.

The river is our homeland,

It’s what keeps us strong in this heartland.



The Edge of Society

Picture Taken By: Ermin Celikovic
Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

He sat with has back to the river.

If you walked by, you might have had to shiver:

Because he sat at the edge of civilization.

If he fell: he would be gone from your imagination.

The river roared behind him

And the concrete world, on the rim,

Looked safe: but it was cage.

He knew that in this day and age:

The edge of society was the safest place to be.

Where nature meets concrete it’s there you’re free.

The River

Image Courtesy: My sister.


The water rushed over the rocks.

Cold, endless water.

They washed their clothes and socks

Here because they didn’t have anything better.

Tears came into her eyes

As she told this story.

Yes, we had so much more; while they had so much less.

But such is history –

People are poor and rich.

Few are famous, most are common.

Some have it easier and some harder:

But wherever we are we all have problems.

This river stretched underneath the mountain,

People talked and laughed:

Life was simple and happy, that much was certain.

The tears faded from her eyes and she realized:

How much better it is to be poor and saved,

Than to be rich and insecure.