Summer by Martin Kníže
Picture By: Martin Kníže

You disappear
While I’m still here.
A toss in the air,
Wind in my hair –
I feel you still:
You were happiness,
You were sunshine in every smile,
You were truth in every mile.
Front porches filled with dreams,
You hung from the moonbeams
Like birds filled their houses.
You changed our lifestyle
Told us we had a life worthwhile.
We called you
But you disappeared.



Abandoned Nest by Luke Brugger
Picture By: Luke Brugger

Your home:
Where you learned to walk
And how to talk,
A space to call your own.
Then years passed
And something changed
Your life was rearranged.
You thought your mistakes made you an outcast.
But home is still home.
It’s not a perfect place,
But a permanent space
Where no matter what, you’ll never be alone.


Reflection by Yu-chuan Hsu
Picture By: Yu-chuan Hsu

The outside world

Sees you as a reflection.

Stamped with what you hold

They never let you forget your connections.

So stand tall,

Be everything in love,

Give life your all,

Smile when they are argumentative.

May you reflect

True things

And accept the imperfect.


in the forest by doug robichaud
Picture Taken By: Doug Robichaud


Bombs, grenades, knives, bullets

You never used any of those.

Looks, sneers, words, sarcasm

You have a whole fistful of them.

Degrading me to feel better about yourself,

Why can’t all of this just stop?

Please, no disrespect, but

What have I done to you?

You’re human – I’m human.

We’re brothers, sisters.

When I sit alone,

I think of these things.

How all we need is forgiveness,

And how everything could be alright.

Palm Trees in the Wind

Palms by Thomas Lefebvre
Picture Taken By: Thomas Lefebvre

I remember so much:

Memories, voices, whispers.

Yet, they blow in the wind of

Palm trees as they bend.

Longing burns inside me,

I wish the images of the past

Would disappear

Like palm leaves in winter.

Things long gone

Consume my sight,

They block my image of a future

Like palm trees against a window.

The past saddens

While the future happens

And we miss it,

Like palm trees bending in the wind.

Just a Spark

Sparks by Joshua Earle
Picture Taken By: Joshua Earle

Just an attraction –

Between you and me.

I can’t explain my reaction,

All I know is with you I’m free.

Your hand holding mine,

It fits just right.

Together we’re fine,

Together we’re alright.

They call it a spark.

They say it will grow

Until it’s a fire.


Motel by Steven Lewis
Picture Taken By: Steven Lewis

More of the old, less of the new,

Multiply the rust and deplete the class.

Merge the ancient and the antique few,

Masticate the mildew, break the glass.

Open the windows.

Organize the chaos.

Obstinately clean all the pillows,

Orate all the way to Barbados.

Tell the truth in love.

Telepathically fulfill every need.

Think over and above.

Take life at top speed.

Even out the disagreement,

Eventually it’ll come to and end.

Evacuate all the vehemence.

Emphatically take care of every friend.

Lay off the hate,

Layer on the compassion.

Live without fate,

Love with passion.

It’s the art of the motel.