River of Life

The River by  Samul Rohl
Picture Taken By: Samul Rohl

Water is the necessity for life,

And pain is the ingredient for strife.

The drought struck hard,

And all the grass went brown in the yard.

The time is black and white in my mind,

And my thoughts are all wind.

The river brought us all together,

And it’ll keep us close until forever.

The river is our homeland,

It’s what keeps us strong in this heartland.



Daily Tip: Day 11: This life…

Image Courtesy: wordsonimages.com

Daily Tip: Tell people how you feel.

His words were a whisper in my ear, “You have to understand.  I just can’t tell you right now.”

And those words ripped the heart out of my soul.  What did that mean?  If he loved me, if he missed me, if he wanted to end this agony: why wouldn’t he just say it?

That’s everyone’s life in a nutshell.  We experience things that we don’t tell anyone.  We miss people and need them: but we don’t tell them because of our pride.  Our pride blinds us and holds us captive.  Whenever you feel something, miss someone, think of them: remind them.  And let go of your pride.

It’s a big world so never cease to let the small community around you know the magnitude of your care.




The Flowers

Rain 9

It was crystal clear

Like your words in my ear.

Yet, I had this fear

That all I had would disappear.

When I walked out the door

I didn’t know what you were doing this for –

Because I still wanted so much more.

And I wiped away the tears like the dust on the floor.

I loved you and when you gave me the flowers,

That were covered in drops from rain showers,

I submitted to all your powers –

And I wanted to let you hold me for hours;

But you walked away

And I knew you couldn’t stay.

I knew that only a fool would ask for a different way.

Your heart tore mine and now all I am – is locked at bay.