Rough Water

Water by Das Sasha
Picture By: Das Sasha

You’re knee-deep in life.

The water rising every day.

You’re lost in a sea of doubt,

Trying to come to shore.

You’ve lived in strife

Trying to find your way,

Rough water rocks your boat

You just can’t take it anymore.

So if you’re lost,

Look down.

There in the water – you’ll see a shadow,

Follow it as it flies to shore.


The Phone by Thom Weerd
Picture By: Thom Weerd

Who are you?

And why do I listen when what you say

Isn’t even true?

Images, pictures – deception is your name, every day.

Tell me, why can’t you let me be?

I have to escape,

Put you down so I can be free.

All you are is a picture perfect place.

Everywhere, they listen to you.

Tell me, when did people go out of style?

You’re the reason I’m so blue.

Technology, I’m tired of your smile.


Dust in Wind by Forrest Cavale
Picture By: Forrest Cavale

Take me to the middle of nowhere

And let me just cry there.

It’ll be you and me,

Forever and free.

Drive to where no one will find

And where there’s nothing on our mind.

Can we take a deep breath

And watch the car run out of gas and into death?

We’ll lie under the sky

And watch time fly by.

Drive to the desert

So I can find my heart.

bike sylwia bartyzel
Picture Taken By: Sylwia Bartyzel Image Courtesy:


What did they think

When they saw this bike?

Did they think me old fashioned,

Did they think me…self-centered?

What did they imagine

When they saw my Alpine?

Did they think I was stuck up

Or think that I was a yuppie?

What did people think of

When they saw my bicycle, when push came to shove?

Did they think I was…. insane,

Or that I was vain?

What do I feel when I see their transportation

Nothing but apathetic.

So why… do I care what they think?

You had me from –

Image courtesy:

“You had me from hello,” my voice shook as I said it.  Was it the truth – or simply a lie that I spit out right when I needed him the most?  I decided it was the truth.  “And I don’t want to lose you.” 

I think we’ve all had moments like that – moments when we forgive and forget the mistakes we make in order to pursue what we had from hello.  Love.  We have it the moment we see our best friend, the moment we see who we were meant to be with, the moment we see the car and the house we want to buy (of course… they’re different kinds of love but they are all love).  And then we walk through the door (so to speak) and accept the thing we loved at first sight.  Whatever it is that you have in your life: think of how it would be if it was gone. 

Think about how it had you from hello, and how it would break your heart to lose it at goodbye.