Life is a Staircase

Footsteps by Jake Hills

Life is a staircase.

Its ploys knock us down,

And its handshakes pull us up.

It is a ladder of deceptive popularity:

 It is mpossible to reach the top.

Putting one foot in front of the other

Is the only way to get through.

Some days we barely move,

On others we take leaps.

Yes, life is a staircase

And all we have to do is climb.


Empty Tracks

Empty Track by Jacki Potorke
Picture Taken By: Jacki Potorkeone

There are 365 stakes,

And 52 railways.

The first day is new,

And the last is occupied.

There are 12 cars that travel here

And 7 stops along the way.

Every year new stops,

Every day new chances,

Every year new tracks laid,

And every day new stakes purchased.

These tracks here are empty

But soon

They’ll be filled with memories.

Don’t Just


Photo By Jeff Sheldon
Picture Taken By: Jeff Sheldon

Don’t just stand there,

Do what you love.

Don’t just fool around here,

Your life is a gift from above.

With every breath,

With every move:

Believe there is a path,

Know you have nothing to lose.


At It’s Best

The Boat by Michael Quinn
Picture Taken By: Michael Quinn Image Courtesy:


I think of adventure,

And crazy, late night talks.

I imagine sparks flying

And fireworks that shake the ground.

I see hearts breaking with leisure,

And lights on the city blocks.

I feel the sun shinning,

And the breeze that’s heaven bound.

It’s crazy, mystical, blinding, and lovely –

This is summer at it’s best.


ImageTwo things: (1) that picture is absolutely beautiful – I think.  (2) Life is beautiful.

When I look at this picture I see an ocean… an endless ocean that is peaceful on the outside.  But once the sun sets and the night comes in – the waves take over that peace and destroy it but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.  I know that life can get us down, things can go wrong, money can run out, plans fail, coffee spill, dreams get crushed: but that is no reason to think that life is not beautiful.  Because failure, darkness, wreckage, brokenness they are all beautiful – just not the kind we tend to think of.  Beauty is made perfect in brokenness.  And life is beautiful in those broken moments.  See it, believe it.