Until Eternity

until eternity

I promise that forever

I’ll love you and only you.

This life will be paradise

Until eternity.

My vows aren’t temporary words,

They are permanent pact.

Every day I’ll come home to you

From now until eternity.

Life can hit us with its best shot,

But we’ll never fall short.

It’s the principle of marriage:

To stand firm until eternity.

I promise that forever

I’ll love you and only you.


Keep Going

Hiking Boots by Amanda Sandlin

They tell you to do it for yourself.

Tell you that it doesn’t matter who sees

Or who believes.

All that matters is that you believe in yourself.

But that gets hard.

Our walking is easier on paths already trodden,

Our hearts are made to be encouraged.

We need support,

Just like a ship needs a port.

One step back and we’re off the edge,

One step back and we’re gone forever.

They tell you to do it for yourself.

But no matter what they say:

Keep going.

We Will Miss You Forever

in memory...

Tears stained our eyes.

We had no goodbyes,

We had no last words.

Disbelieving eyes, shattered hearts,

You endured evil at it’s peak.

Heartbroken, we pursue your legacy:

We will miss you forever.

Each one of you was a loved one,

And your passing does not make us forget

The treasure that you were.

We will miss you forever.


Image Courtesy: flickr.com


Your words drew on my heart,

They painted pictures of

A useful art.

They stenciled the picture of love.

With chalky fingertips you held my hand,

And promised me forever.

I followed you into foreign lands

I trusted you with my whatever.

But you are chalk:

Your words, your heart, your soul.

Permanent until the storms come

And then you wash away like

Dust in the wind.



Image Courtesy: realsimple.com


It’s her birthday today.

And I haven’t gotten to see her. 

It’s just like she’s a life away –

When she lives just down the street, it’s so true

That she was my best friend.

She stood by me and believed

That I would make it until the end.

She taught me how to pretend. 

But I won’t imagine

That I don’t miss her

Or think of how she’s no longer

My best friend because she moved so far.

But it’s her birthday:

And I’ll let the hurt go.  I’ll celebrate.


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