Abandoned Nest by Luke Brugger
Picture By: Luke Brugger

Your home:
Where you learned to walk
And how to talk,
A space to call your own.
Then years passed
And something changed
Your life was rearranged.
You thought your mistakes made you an outcast.
But home is still home.
It’s not a perfect place,
But a permanent space
Where no matter what, you’ll never be alone.



Meant to by Caleb Ekeroth
Picture Taken By: Caleb Ekeroth

What if I told you you could fly?

Because you can.

If I said you were meant to soar –

But just never grew wings?

What if I said you are worth it?

Because you are.

If I said you are so much more –

But just never were told?

If I said you are beautiful.

Because you are.

Told you that you were something magical,

Born to amaze, meant to create:

Because you were.


Higher Altitude

The Sky by Danny Froese
Picture Taken By: Danny Froese

Elevation is my motivation.

I seek only one thing,

What I can, to this world, bring.

Full of life, I climb to a higher altitude.

Climbing the stairs of love,

And swinging on the rope of hope:

I make it even further,

I am on my way to this new altitude.

Up to the next galaxy, I rise.

As I lose oxygen, I fall

And learn to fly.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon by Austin Ban
Picture Taken By: Austin Ban

I stood taller than the mountains,

I have a life without doubting.

My wings are spread and

I don’t need a hot air balloon to reach the clouds.

Tell me what your ambitions are,

Tell me what you want to see,

I’ll take you there:

We don’t need a hot air balloon.

It isn’t about how high you can climb,

It’s about how hard you strive.

Life is about flying, and living to the fullest.

It’s like riding a hot air balloon.


The Courage to Fly

The Courage to Fly by Ryan Jacques
Picture Taken By: Ryan Jacques

We can stand against the wind,

Let it carry us to the end.

Stumbling, falling, twirling

We will let everything unwind:

And find the courage to fly.

We can land in obscurity,

And have each other for surety.

Uncertainty does not matter:

We’ll find the courage to fly.

The City

Image Courtesy: unsplash.com


I flew higher than the world.

My mind took pictures in black and white

And I heard the wind as it whirled

Around my ears in the sunlight.

Maybe, if I didn’t live in the country

I would see the city in full color.

But I’ve made a new discovery:

The city is beautiful and worth more than a silver dollar.

As I flew higher: I threw splashes of color down onto the city

Until I could laugh, because it was truly beautiful to see.

Image Courtesy: unsplash.com