Hollywood by Florian Klauer
Picture By: Florian Klauer

You changed in 1949, whatever happened to this land?

Seems you’ve come so far since ’23.

Forty five feet of advertising, you still stand.

I see you as a utopia, there on Lee.

The whole world watches you.

We see you like a light

As we look for something true,

For something right.

Your letters

Shine like a star in the night.

Some have found nothing better.

After all, you’ve helped their plight.

Hollywood you’ve stood tall,

I hope you never fall.


The Heat

Palm Trees by Florian Klauer
Picture Taken By: Florian Klauer Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

The blessed heat

Chases after me.

If I so much as miss a beat

It stings me like a bee.

The chilled water

Climbs up my legs.

Running from the sun gets harder

And the heat won’t let up – even if I beg.