Dust in Wind by Forrest Cavale
Picture By: Forrest Cavale

Take me to the middle of nowhere

And let me just cry there.

It’ll be you and me,

Forever and free.

Drive to where no one will find

And where there’s nothing on our mind.

Can we take a deep breath

And watch the car run out of gas and into death?

We’ll lie under the sky

And watch time fly by.

Drive to the desert

So I can find my heart.


Empty View

Empty Street by Bruno Marinho
Picture Taken By: Bruno Marinho

Those electric eyes,

Are replaced by these antique walls.

Your footsteps echo in the emptiness,

The view reflects how you feel inside.

As the sun goes down

Every bone in your body hits the ground.

Despair fills every part of you.

The view reflects how you feel inside.

Everything seems to be going wrong,

You haven’t had peace in so long.

All you want is to escape.

The view reflects how you feel inside

And silently, you slip away.

Phone Line

In the Mountains by Alexandr Schwarz
Picture Taken By: Alexandr Schwarz

Millions of times, I’ve wished heaven had a phone line.

I guess, then, everything would feel fine.

‘Cause to hear your voice one more time would

Heal every wound overnight.

And even though they told me,

Every once in a while – I wonder if you’re truly free.

Longing for you has put this whole in my heart,

Just know I wish we never had to part.

All the time I wish you were still here,

‘Cause then you wouldn’t be there – I

Keep telling myself I’m alright, but

Soon I know I’ll give up the fight.

Over time, I felt this heaviness.

Now all I feel is emptiness.

All My Love

Camera by Chancema
Picture Taken By: Chancema


All my love

Is for you.

Every single heartbeat

Is meant for you.

I saw you from across the room,

That camera in your hands.

My face was captured with your flash

And now all my love

Is for you.




At the essence of my soul,

Ink and ash mark a hole.

I twirl vicious thoughts around in my mind,

And forget every promise that binds.

Remembering only sparks of light

As I go through the night

I know I am not who I was yesterday,

I feel deeper, stronger in every way.

I know this fire of emotions

Will be the death of me.

This Feeling



I saw them on the hill.

They shook their fingers through my hair,

And put a look of awe on my face and they blew out the candle on the sill.

I watched the child who thought it wasn’t fair

That rain, wind and thunder could ruin his day.

Yet, all I could do was smile.

This thunder storm got me feeling this way.

I walked mile by mile

In this rain

And took pictures of my footprints in the muddy road.

Some might think it such a pain

To walk in this weather.  But to me – it’s like a code:

It calls me.

The clouds swirled

In the sky and I ran out to meet them, there on the hill.

Because this feeling – it was love.