Summer by Martin Kníže
Picture By: Martin Kníže

You disappear
While I’m still here.
A toss in the air,
Wind in my hair –
I feel you still:
You were happiness,
You were sunshine in every smile,
You were truth in every mile.
Front porches filled with dreams,
You hung from the moonbeams
Like birds filled their houses.
You changed our lifestyle
Told us we had a life worthwhile.
We called you
But you disappeared.

Precious Moments

Family by London Scout
Picture By: London Scout

Precious moments

Slip into photographs,

Where you look in amazement

And have to laugh.

Her first day at school –

When you didn’t want to let her go.

When she learned how to swim in the pool,

And you asked: why does she have to grow?

That time when she lost her first tooth,

When she danced on her daddy’s toes,

How could you forget the truth?

She’ll always be your baby girl

In precious moments

That slip into memories.


Leaves by Tirza van Dijk
Picture Taken By: Tirza van Dijk

There’s no stopping you.

You’re a waging wind,

And a powerful chill.

We cannot stop this fall.

The leaves run as I walk,

They scurry and dance on the blacktop,

Until I’m silhouetted by

The colors of autumn.

Flags snap in the wind,

Declaring their indifference.

And it seems that, everywhere I look,

Harvest has come to plant the seeds of winter.

Nature’s Magic

Hillside by Silvestrie Matteo
Picture Taken By: Silvestrie Matteo

If I told you of a watercolor hillside,

And flowers by the riverside,

If I spoke to you of a tree:

Would you believe me?

Whispers of breeze,

Drops of light,

Completely at ease:

Can you believe me?

Nature’s magic

Speaks volumes of beauty.

It is inspiration at it’s finest:

Do you believe me?

It’s Coming


It was coming.

Sweeping the coals of the sky sooner,

Making the sun fall earlier.

I felt it descending.

Crunching under my feet, endless rustling.

The trees shed their coats,

Eager for freedom,

Eager to sport their slender branches.

But now it’s my turn:

To hibernate in my fall coat.

To spread my wings and fly south for the autumnal winter.

Yes, it’s coming.