Dust in Wind by Forrest Cavale
Picture By: Forrest Cavale

Take me to the middle of nowhere

And let me just cry there.

It’ll be you and me,

Forever and free.

Drive to where no one will find

And where there’s nothing on our mind.

Can we take a deep breath

And watch the car run out of gas and into death?

We’ll lie under the sky

And watch time fly by.

Drive to the desert

So I can find my heart.


We Are One

city streets by Andrew Ruiz
Picture Taken by: Andrew Ruiz

We are one.

Thousands of people drive these roads we’ve walked.

They shop the shops we’ve shopped.

But they never know the things we’ve thought.

A million taxi cabs take people everywhere,

But those people never see you like I do.

Vendors, streets, towns, buildings:

They never know the reasons we’ve laughed.

Cameras have seen,

People have stared,

But no one knows why

We are one.

The Road

Picture Taken By: Fre Sonneveld
Image Courtesy:

It wound endlessly through the desert.

It brought people together.

The road wound on and on.

It made a difference.

You could drive fast or slow

It didn’t matter.

Your car could be grand or old

It made no difference.

All that mattered was the road

And how you got there.