Abandoned Nest by Luke Brugger
Picture By: Luke Brugger

Your home:
Where you learned to walk
And how to talk,
A space to call your own.
Then years passed
And something changed
Your life was rearranged.
You thought your mistakes made you an outcast.
But home is still home.
It’s not a perfect place,
But a permanent space
Where no matter what, you’ll never be alone.


Precious Moments

Family by London Scout
Picture By: London Scout

Precious moments

Slip into photographs,

Where you look in amazement

And have to laugh.

Her first day at school –

When you didn’t want to let her go.

When she learned how to swim in the pool,

And you asked: why does she have to grow?

That time when she lost her first tooth,

When she danced on her daddy’s toes,

How could you forget the truth?

She’ll always be your baby girl

In precious moments

That slip into memories.

All Along

Tower by Thomas Brault
Picture By: Thomas Brault

We built her up floor by floor –

Until she became a building,

Standing on her own, ready to walk out the door.

There was so much living.

Years ago, she was younger:

Inexperienced and growing.

He and I – we watched her in wonder.

There were so many memories.

Now she’s tall on her own,

Living strong.

We finally found she’s been grown

All along.

A Daughter’s Voice

departure by vo minh thong
Picture Taken By: Vo Minh Thong

Father, don’t you understand?

I’ve got to leave.

My dreams call me to a different land,

I’ll be alright, just believe.

We all have to grow up, see?

You did it first, and now it’s me.

Papa, I’ll make you proud.

And your sorrow will pass like a cloud and

One day I’ll be back to you,

If only you’ll believe.

Child’s Play



Their job is to fly on swings

And firefly wings.

They have no purpose crying,

Or lying.

Children should read Madeline

And be full of adrenaline.

They have no purpose fighting battles

Or climbing hurdles.

They deserve children’s play

And dreams all day.

They deserve life’s fairytale untainted

Till the last.

All These Wishes

Make A Wish by Coley Christine Catalano
Picture Taken By: Coley Christine Catalano Image Courtesy: unsplash.com



We used to make wishes when we were children.

We had hope beyond everything that was ruined.

A dead flower, fading and dying

It made us keep trying.

See – if a dying flower

Could bring other dandelions to life, to power:

Then it could make our wishes

Come true, even if they were a little ambitious.

This Feeling



I saw them on the hill.

They shook their fingers through my hair,

And put a look of awe on my face and they blew out the candle on the sill.

I watched the child who thought it wasn’t fair

That rain, wind and thunder could ruin his day.

Yet, all I could do was smile.

This thunder storm got me feeling this way.

I walked mile by mile

In this rain

And took pictures of my footprints in the muddy road.

Some might think it such a pain

To walk in this weather.  But to me – it’s like a code:

It calls me.

The clouds swirled

In the sky and I ran out to meet them, there on the hill.

Because this feeling – it was love.