America by Patrick Tomasso
Picture By: Patrick Tomasso

Oxygen coloring blood red,
Pride flowing from feet to head,
Life worth every deed,
Truth worth every pledge,
Sacrifice worth every advance,
Possibilities beyond circumstance,
Rhythm to liberty’s dance,
America you are a second chance.
Flowers in the midst of rain,
Relief from tyranny’s pain,
Kindness in every vein,
Discernment keeping humanity sane,
Roses of passion in the nation’s bouquet,
Humility embodied in every way,
Justice prevailing in all people say,
America you are the light of day.


Summer by Martin Kníže
Picture By: Martin Kníže

You disappear
While I’m still here.
A toss in the air,
Wind in my hair –
I feel you still:
You were happiness,
You were sunshine in every smile,
You were truth in every mile.
Front porches filled with dreams,
You hung from the moonbeams
Like birds filled their houses.
You changed our lifestyle
Told us we had a life worthwhile.
We called you
But you disappeared.

Daily Post: Day 13: Making a Difference

you can make a difference if you try
“You can make a difference if you try.” Image Courtesy:

Daily Tip: “Believe that you can make a difference, and you will.”  (Britt Nicole)

“You’ve got to believe…” we’ve all heard it before.  Believe this and believe that… stay away from this and don’t think about that – but no one really tells us that people who have made a difference in this world got there through belief.  Walt Disney.  Henry Ford.  Britt Nicole.  Jennifer Lawrence.  Beckah Shae.  President Obama.  Karen Kingsbury.  Veronica Roth.  All these people have/had belief in themselves or in the things they wanted to do.  They have all made a difference because they believed they could.

It’s a big world so never forget that you can make a difference if you just believe.

Believe that you are a difference maker:

Shout Out

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When you started your journey: your hands were black and white and you had nothing to offer.  The world was all color and your hands had to build things up with what they had: nothing.  You worked to measure up but the world still had things that would not satisfy you.

So many people want what other people have.  But when we desire the things that others have: we miss the blessings we hold in the palm of our hands.  My hands are black and white – I have little to offer this world and maybe you’re just like me.  But we have a world in those hands and we can reach out.

I know we live in a big world and our dreams may be small – but that just makes for infinite possibilities.

Wherever you are, whenever you read this: know that you can change the world.  And when you change it: I’ll give you a shout out.

Fame: Part II

I mentioned earlier, some people: Jennifer Lawrence, Beckah Shae, Karen Kingsbury.   Their figures have changed and shaped the world in ways that I only dream to.  I admire them all for what they have done.  Every person I listed has changed and impacted my life in some way.  And I know that they have reached more people than some of us ever will.  I just pray that their light shines for a True purpose, a purpose that will never fail.