River of Life

The River by  Samul Rohl
Picture Taken By: Samul Rohl

Water is the necessity for life,

And pain is the ingredient for strife.

The drought struck hard,

And all the grass went brown in the yard.

The time is black and white in my mind,

And my thoughts are all wind.

The river brought us all together,

And it’ll keep us close until forever.

The river is our homeland,

It’s what keeps us strong in this heartland.



One in a Million

stairs by davide ragusa
Picture Taken By: Davide Ragusa

I would climb a million stairs,

I would jump a thousand lakes,

I would endure a hundred breaks:

If it meant I could have one look at you.

I would climb a million stories,

I would fly through a thousand storms,

And stand against a hundred trials:

If it meant I could tell you one time

That you’re one in a million.

Looking For You

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Picture Taken by: Caleb George Morris Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

If you pulled back from the world,

And took a second glance at it:

You find yourself alone.

And you wonder what would happen

If you decided not to carry on.

But even I could tell you:

Someone would fall apart.

Because there is always someone looking for you,

No matter how alone you feel.

A Life of Black and White

Image Courtesy: footage.shutterstock.com

The rain fell outside – faster and faster.

And I started to shiver.

All of the laughter

Had long faded into a quiet river

Of silence.

She clicked on the radio

And it only talked about violence.

So she turned it off and walked over to the patio.

My life has always been full of color and light.

There are no greys.

But my sister lives a life of black and white.

The color is gone from her sight, every day.

I’ll sob on my sister’s behalf

Since her life has always been black and white.

Though, I see in color and laugh:

She sees nothing but dark and light.

She has so much to discover.

Sometimes I cry

And tell her I feel sorry for her.

She’ll ask me why.

And I’ll say, “Because everything is a shade of grey to you, don’t you concur?”

“No,” her voice is calm, “Being color-blind only means I see life in a different color-

Not that I see no color at all.”

Shout Out

Image Courtesy: misguidedchildren.com


When you started your journey: your hands were black and white and you had nothing to offer.  The world was all color and your hands had to build things up with what they had: nothing.  You worked to measure up but the world still had things that would not satisfy you.

So many people want what other people have.  But when we desire the things that others have: we miss the blessings we hold in the palm of our hands.  My hands are black and white – I have little to offer this world and maybe you’re just like me.  But we have a world in those hands and we can reach out.

I know we live in a big world and our dreams may be small – but that just makes for infinite possibilities.

Wherever you are, whenever you read this: know that you can change the world.  And when you change it: I’ll give you a shout out.