Be There

Boardwalk by Christian Holzinger
Picture Taken By: Christian Holzinger

I wish I could be there.

On that boardwalk, last summer

When you first told me you loved me.

Like fireflies, you lit up my world.

I wish I could be there.

When you told me you’d never leave,

And hold me forever, cherish me forever.

Why couldn’t that have been the truth?

Like summer, you came and left.

I wish I could be there.

Walking along the pier,

Laughing at your jokes

And smiling when you smiled.

Like cologne, you lost your affect on me.

I wish I could be there,

When life was as easy

As the next breath.

But like a dream, I woke up.



Just a Spark

Sparks by Joshua Earle
Picture Taken By: Joshua Earle

Just an attraction –

Between you and me.

I can’t explain my reaction,

All I know is with you I’m free.

Your hand holding mine,

It fits just right.

Together we’re fine,

Together we’re alright.

They call it a spark.

They say it will grow

Until it’s a fire.


Snow by Gabriel Santiago
Picture Taken By: Gabriel Santiago

Snow lives in the spaces between pines,

And hovers in the chill, ready to drop.

It dusts everything over,

With crystal white.

Snow is a frozen rain,

An outbreak from the clouds.

It holds footprints and angels,

It is evidence of wonder,

A force of nature.

Don’t Just


Photo By Jeff Sheldon
Picture Taken By: Jeff Sheldon

Don’t just stand there,

Do what you love.

Don’t just fool around here,

Your life is a gift from above.

With every breath,

With every move:

Believe there is a path,

Know you have nothing to lose.



Oranges by Brian Jimenez
Picture Taken By: Brian Jimenez

The shade below is grey,

Marked with citrus scent and emerald moss.

The breeze howls like a dove,

And the sunshine prowls from above.

I pick an orange every day

And find new pleasure in the display.

Peeling the skin back, I bite into the flesh

And smile at it’s refresh.


The Way of Love

Tools by Todd Quackenbush
Picture Taken By: Todd Quackenbush

You can’t fix your heart with a hammer and nails.

Can’t glue it back together like those fishing rails.

It works back together over time, like something on an anvil.

Just standstill.

It’ll be tough, like a new glove,

But in time it’ll soften up.  This is the way of love.

You’ll have to pull your feelings out of the fire,

If it’s true love you want to acquire.

A Quiet Speed of Life

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Picture Taken By: Caleb George Morris

Speed – how fast we move.

How long it takes you to get in the lead.

How quick you can get somewhere.

It’s what makes up our lives here.

Quiet – too little noise.

Time alone to enjoy.

A schedule of clean slate.

It’s what our lives need in this state.

Slow down your speed,

Make time for the quiet

In this life.