America by Patrick Tomasso
Picture By: Patrick Tomasso

Oxygen coloring blood red,
Pride flowing from feet to head,
Life worth every deed,
Truth worth every pledge,
Sacrifice worth every advance,
Possibilities beyond circumstance,
Rhythm to liberty’s dance,
America you are a second chance.
Flowers in the midst of rain,
Relief from tyranny’s pain,
Kindness in every vein,
Discernment keeping humanity sane,
Roses of passion in the nation’s bouquet,
Humility embodied in every way,
Justice prevailing in all people say,
America you are the light of day.


Precious Moments

Family by London Scout
Picture By: London Scout

Precious moments

Slip into photographs,

Where you look in amazement

And have to laugh.

Her first day at school –

When you didn’t want to let her go.

When she learned how to swim in the pool,

And you asked: why does she have to grow?

That time when she lost her first tooth,

When she danced on her daddy’s toes,

How could you forget the truth?

She’ll always be your baby girl

In precious moments

That slip into memories.

For Freedom

American Pride by Christopher Skor
Picture Taken By: Christopher Skor

This is the land of the free,

Home of the brave,

A shining hill across the sea.

It is what our troops fight to save.

Our flag stands

Due to the courageous sacrifice

Of those who have fallen.

It is them we honor with our hearts,

It is their families we support,

It is with fondness we remember

The troops who lived for freedom.


Hollywood by Florian Klauer
Picture By: Florian Klauer

You changed in 1949, whatever happened to this land?

Seems you’ve come so far since ’23.

Forty five feet of advertising, you still stand.

I see you as a utopia, there on Lee.

The whole world watches you.

We see you like a light

As we look for something true,

For something right.

Your letters

Shine like a star in the night.

Some have found nothing better.

After all, you’ve helped their plight.

Hollywood you’ve stood tall,

I hope you never fall.

A Quiet Speed of Life

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Picture Taken By: Caleb George Morris

Speed – how fast we move.

How long it takes you to get in the lead.

How quick you can get somewhere.

It’s what makes up our lives here.

Quiet – too little noise.

Time alone to enjoy.

A schedule of clean slate.

It’s what our lives need in this state.

Slow down your speed,

Make time for the quiet

In this life.

The Plant

Plant After Rain by John French
Picture Taken By: John French

Wet after rain,

Like laughter in the morning.

Growing freely,

Like American rights.

Fresh soil,

Like coffee in the evening.

 Toiling relentlessly,

Like love’s pursuit.

Daily Tip: Day 1: The American.

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Tip: Be more involved in politics and the world around you.

Know what is happening in your world – know the current events.  And, no, I’m not talking about you checking the celebrity blurb on some news website or on your phone: I’m saying know what the President is doing, know what is happening in the world around you – not just what’s happening in your backyard. 

News and knowing the stand to take is super important today.  Most of the time I’ll ask people what they think about something and they’ll shrug, “Don’t know.  Don’t care.”  DO not be like that.  Make it your job to care.  The world needs more people who care, more people who know what they’re talking about.  Don’t just oppose regulations – if you do oppose them – know why you do.  And if you becomingly embrace them know why. 

People come up to me and ask me my opinion and sometimes I don’t know anything.   I just know what I believe – don’t be like that.  Know your stuff, know all the facts not just the case.  It’ll make you a lot more prepared  to give an answer to someone who challenges you.

Open your view, watch news channels that hold different sides of the story.  For example, watch FOX news and CNN to get a complete understanding of a current issue.  Try to avoid bias (if you can).  Bias makes for a very unattractive person… so know how to break your opinion without hating on people who do not agree with you. 

All in all: widen your view, it’s a big world, there is more happening than you think.