Like a Truck

Old Truck by Pawel Kadysz
Picture Taken by: Pawel Kadysz

Grandpa told me that life is a truck:

It’s new and full of energy at first,

But then it gets old, and needs work.

That it just needs a new engine at it’s worst.

He said it could take you far,

If you treated it right.

He said that to keep it up to par

You’d have to always follow the lights.

But most of all he taught me about direction.

Said that the passenger seat was for learning,

So that when he was gone, I could take his position

Until it was my turn to pass it on.


4 thoughts on “Like a Truck

  1. This one I love…brings back memories of Uncle Lofton and his truck with all my cousins riding in the back with the guard down….hanging our legs over the edge and watching the cows eat…hitting the bumps and laughing….

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