downcast by volkan olmex
Picture Taken by: Volkan Olmex

Your knees are black and blue

From working so hard.  You

Come up with enough air to breathe,

And wonder how it’d feel to be free.

The story of your life is

Defined by hardship.  All this

Is a rat-race, it’s so hard

And you fight against foreclosure in the yard.

Time ticks by like a monster,

While you pray you’ll get stronger.

So many hours of toil,

Day with knees against soil.

Oh yes, you want to pull that trigger.

Everything would end, you figure.

What’s the point to all this?

Why can’t you find bliss?

For the same reason

You don’t learn to fly in a season,

Or learn to fly without falling:

So that you can keep trying.



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