Street Walking

Street by Loudge
Picture Taken by: Loudge Image Courtesy:

It’s right outside my door:

Possibilities that I ignore.

I’ve seen it all before,

And I don’t stop to think anymore.

Yet, these colors are new to you.

You haven’t seen them, it’s true.

The sun shinning down and the sky blue

Everything about this is a new view.

I’ve been street walking for so long,

My eyes closed as I wonder along.

Inspiration is everywhere – even in a song.

We just have to look for it in the places we belong.


5 thoughts on “Street Walking

  1. Hey Sarah,

    Yeah you are absolutely right, inspiration is there every where, read your poems which loudly witnessing you yourself are such a inspiration….. never go sad/ low energy dear, be inspired and live your life fully!!!!!!!!!!!

    Must say beautiful poem!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Hmmm am glad to know , my words are helping you some how dear!!!!!!!……….

        Anytime being a support for you!!!!!!!!
        My pleasure o read your posts 🙂


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