I am Not Your Competition

This… is worth a read.

Fat to Fit

Ladies, I love you.

I am not your competition.  You are not mine.  It is not my goal to be better than you, smarter than you, faster than you, fitter than you, funnier than you.  In turn, I do not care if you are better than me, smarter than me, faster than me, fitter than me, or funnier than me.  We are individually awesome, and I love that about us.

Truth! Truth!

We are lovely.  We are inspiring.  We are wonderful.

When I see you on the street and I smile, believe that it is an honest smile.  A smile of friendship.  It is not a smirk.  I am not silently laughing at your skirt or judging your hair.  I’m smiling at you because we are women, and we are inherently friends.

When I see you in the store with your unruly child, your dirty child with only one shoe, or…

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