An Empty Swing

empty swing by jon eckert
Picture Taken By: Jon Eckert Image Courtesy:

Life has dealt me a good hand of cards.

I’ve played every round,

And built my world from the ground up.

I have made an empire out of solitaire.

You think my life is easy, and I think it’s hard.

When I walk home, my knees fall to the ground.

I sink to the bottom, while the world thinks I’m on top.

And then – I breathe in the morning air.

It’s fresh and true,

It’s beautiful and colorful.

Yes, I have everything by the worlds standards.

But that swing in my backyard: it’s empty.

So tell me, is this worth it?   All these blue

Skies and these sunny days?  They are plentiful –

But then I look at the empty swing

And I have no one to share with,

I have nothing that matters.


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