bike sylwia bartyzel
Picture Taken By: Sylwia Bartyzel Image Courtesy:


What did they think

When they saw this bike?

Did they think me old fashioned,

Did they think me…self-centered?

What did they imagine

When they saw my Alpine?

Did they think I was stuck up

Or think that I was a yuppie?

What did people think of

When they saw my bicycle, when push came to shove?

Did they think I was…. insane,

Or that I was vain?

What do I feel when I see their transportation

Nothing but apathetic.

So why… do I care what they think?


5 thoughts on “

    1. I find so many people are hesitant to do the things they love because they are afraid of what people will think of them… and it makes me sorry for them, to know that they don’t want to be who they are called to be, because they’re sorry what people think of them. I couldn’t agree more with you.


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