Thinking of You

subway by mario calvo
Picture Taken By: Mario Calvo Image Courtesy:


I was there for seven days:

And I hardly saw you.

It was still May,

And now it’s June.  True –

This life flies by

But I never saw you.

I got to say, “hi.”

And nothing else.  Now I’m blue

From too much warmth.

I know you’ll read this,

And maybe you’ll be filled with mirth –

Because this is for you.  Dismiss

All doubt because

I am thinking of you.

This life flies by too fast, it’s like a train that we look out: we can hardly see the things that pass us by.  Find the people in your life that you hardly see, hardly know and try to reconnect with them.


4 thoughts on “Thinking of You

  1. We should always try to keep in touch, to remember the ones we love. But it’s so easy to get caught in the crazyness of the world around. Nicely penned Sarah. Thanks for the reminder.


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