Weekly Tip: Week 1: Cooling Off

ImageWeekly Tip: It is important (in the midst of all this heat) to find a good way to cool off.

I recently traveled to a place that was much hotter than where I usually live, and one thing I found was that it was imperative – during that time – for me to stay cool.  Since, when you’re hot and sweating it can end in unhappiness and a short temper (at least for me).  So find a way to cool yourself off.  Maybe that’s by eating colder things, by drinking lots and lots of water, by going swimming, taking frequent showers or just sitting inside.

To stay cool you can go to a local restaurant and buy something cold, you can go to a local pool or you can just go shopping and walk around in the air conditioned air.  Food Network will also supply you with a list of cold summer recipes

Whatever you do: stay cool.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Tip: Week 1: Cooling Off

  1. drink iced water or eating lollies and snow cones as good ways to keep cool… cold cocoa instead of hot cocoa and such 🙂


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