Iced Tea

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They lived down

In a small town.

Married seventy-five years,

Their eyes showed the joys and tears.

She worked in the garden

And he went to beg the neighbors pardon.

The old man worked as a mechanic

And that was how he survived the panic.

Every day when he walked in the door,

He would put his tool box on the floor

And walk over to the table,

Wipe the grease from the car cables

Onto his ripped pants.

She would finish watering the plants

Then go and grab him his glass of iced-tea.

He had it every day, and they lived free

Until that day

Her life filled with gray.

Even though he doesn’t walk through the door anymore,

She still puts that glass on the table and looks at his tool box on the floor.

When the influenza took her husband

She didn’t take off her wedding band.

No, she still made that glass of tea

Because she knew her husband was free.


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