Daily Tip: Day 31: Listen

Image Courtesy: beyondthinkinglikealawyer.com

Daily Tip: Listen to others, and one day they will return the favor.

I have had the opportunity to sit for six hours and listen to people talk, I’ve gone to conferences and concerts and gatherings to just listen to people.  It’s amazing to think that  words could change the outcome of our day – but they can.  Listening is a powerful, powerful tool.  Try it sometime.

Even if your dreams are small, it never hurt anyone to listen to someone else.



3 thoughts on “Daily Tip: Day 31: Listen

  1. Yeah Sarah you are right, listening sometimes makes a sober heart feel relieved, fills a happy heart with volcanic cheerfulness, a crying heart finds shoulders to relay …. lord, that feel to know some is ready to listen to me is known very well by a teller…

    Anytime we would be in shoes of a teller!!!


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