Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is getting closer and closer, while some of you may get your mother flowers or send them a card, I suggest that you go to see the movie Mom’s Night Out.  It is scheduled to hit theaters May 9th and would be a great time for you to spend with your mother.

Either way Mother’s Day is the 11th – just wanted to remind everyone to be thinking about all the ways that your mother has changed and shaped your life.  Share below the ways your mom has helped you become the person you are today!


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Mother’s day is a bit later in France, but anyway, it’s a very special day!
    My mum showed me that love knows no boundaries, that even if I decided to close my door, she would always keeps hers open, just in case and welcome me back without any kind of judgement.
    May God keeps protecting Mothers.


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