Daily Tip: Day 23: Amazing Life

Image Courtesy: youtube.com

Daily Tip: You live an amazing life so don’t walk around sulking.

Some days you feel like dirt.  And other days you feel like the dirt that makes the flower grow… but whatever you feel, your life is amazing.

From the day you were born, until the day you read this and until the day you die: you will live an amazing life.  Life in and of itself is an opportunity that you just need to take a hold of.  Wherever you are, whatever happens: just know that you live an amazing, beautiful life.  Britt Nicole wrote a song with Dan Muckala and Jason Ingram and it describes this life perfectly.

Don’t go around with anger  in your heart and hate in your thoughts: you only get to live life once so make it count.

It’s a big world so never stop looking for the small infinite ways that your life is Amazing.



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