A Flame

Image Courtesy: temperatures.com

You turn the key in the ignition –

But it doesn’t bring the car to life.

It might be your imagination:

How you’re trying to make it through this strife.

But your problems can fade away

When you light that first flame.

Your problems can be on their way.

It’s just another day: and you find things to blame

For why you’re so tired.

Maybe it’s just you

But life seems to be getting raining on you.  You just got fired

And now you find you’re walking in a lie, isn’t it true?

I’m here to tell you that your problems can go away

When you light that first spark.

All those lies will disappear when you send them on their way.

You walked down to the park

And fell on the way there.

But you stood up laughing.

Because problems only keep you down if you let them.  Where

You light the flame every other thing will fall to the ground, burning.



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