Daily Tip: Day 21: Put Down Roots

Image Courtesy: echristiannews.com
Picture is used on: Casting Crowns album Thrive

Daily Tip: Commit to a place, to people, to neighbors, to love, to laughter: put down roots.

Judy traveled long and hard – trying to get somewhere.  She had lived in the same place for ten years: yet she felt like a stranger.

Maybe that’s you.  Maybe you’ve lived in the same place and you still can’t seem to find any connection to it.  And that connection isn’t there because you haven’t put down roots – you haven’t invested time to the people and the neighbors around you.  You haven’t loved and laughed or committed.

But today: you can start.  The roots take a long time to grow, but the longer they grow, the taller the tree will get.  In this world there are infinite possibilities, infinite ways to dig your roots deep into the place you live.  So start putting them down, and you will Thrive.


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